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36V350W 12" x 2.125 Wheel 10AH Battery Electric Handcycle for Wheelchair GEN2
Price:USD 625.00
Item No:12G2-36V350W10-D
Total Cost:US$

For the Performance, you can check the video by the following youtube link


For Installation, please check the video in the following link


Generation II 36V350W Electric Attachable Handcycle for 12" x 2.125 Wheel Chair 10AH Lithium battery downtube type , Sealed Waterproof

If you need an extra back up battery, extra USD200.00 is needed.

Compare to Generation I, the Generation II Electric Handcycle has the following features

1, Rotatable Wheel

2, With Shifter to connect or disconnect the connecting arm to the wheelchair, Regarding how the shifter work, please check the following video


3, Adjustable Stem

4, Fixed Brake Block

Includes the 12" x 2.125" motorized system wheel and tire, Bike stand, Two Handle bars, 2 x Adjustable Mounting Brackets, KT Brand LCD5 display, headlight, 2 x Disc Brake, Speaker & 36V10AH downtube type Lithium battery & 2A charger(please be noted that the order does not include the wheel chair) 


  • The electric handcycle can turn your everyday wheelchair into a fast, hill climb vehicle, made of stainless steel, The battery and mounting attachment can be easily detached from the wheel chair, the handlebars can be loosen and slide down for compact transportation;
  • Top Speed: more than 25km/h(about 15 miles/h) for 36V350W; 

  • Driving mileage per charge:  about 30km per charge for 36V10AH battery. 

  • LCD display shows battery power level, time, speed, mileage, gear. Components error checking and report

  • Installation Suggestion: the front wheel leave the ground about 1.6".
  • The electric handcycle requests you to mount 2 small brackets on your wheel chair frame, the mounting brackets are adjustable, so it fits any size wheel chair frame tube.
  • Double Disc brake, so it fits all the left-hand and right-hand users.


1,36v350W brushless geared hub motor; 
2,36V10AH Li-on battery;

3, Wheel size: 12" x 2.125 Front Wheel";

4, Brake system: Disc Brake

5, KT brand smart Built-inside Controller

6, Stainless Steel Frame.

7, Twist Throttle

8, PAS

9, LCD5 Display






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electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle

electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle