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Theebikemotor UKC1 TFT display for E bike kit
Price:USD 90.00
Item No:UKC1
Total Cost:US$



*100% brand new and high quality

*Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use

*Screen size: color 3.5-inch TFT screen.

*Rotatable screen: can be switched horizontally or vertically.

*Speed display: including real-time speed RT SPEED, maximum speed MAX SPEED, average speed AVG SPEED.

*Kilometer/mile selection: Kilometer/mile display can be set according to customer habits.

*Intelligent power indicator: Provide a stable power indicator through an optimized algorithm, and the power is not affected by the start and stop fluctuations of the motor. If the system supports battery communication, it can display an accurate percentage of power.

*5 levels of backlight brightness adjustment: Set the backlight brightness according to the customer's usage habits, level 1 is the darkest level 5 is the brightest.

*Up to 9-gear gear control: the number of gears can be set to 3/5/9/6 according to user needs.

*Mileage display: It can display cumulative mileage ODO, single mileage Trip, riding time Time, continuous mileage Range (with battery communication function).

*Clock display: Built-in battery, keep off time.

*Output power indication: real-time display output power (battery output power).

*Fault prompt: Provide text description.

*Speed limit adjustment function: speed limit can be set.

*Current limit adjustment function: limit current can be set.

*USB charging port can provide rated charging for mobile devices, current: 500mA/5V.

*Program upgrade: The program can be upgraded through the serial port. For details, please refer to the instruction file.

*Speed-adjusting magnet steel adjustment function: the number of speed-testing magnet steel can be set.

*Power magnetic adjustment function: the number of power magnetic can be set.




*3.5 inch TFT wide viewing angle color display

*English display interface

*Attached instruction

*24V/36V/48V/52V/60V/72V power supply

*Instrument rated power 1W

*Meter maximum power 5W

*USB charging DC 5V500mA

*Shutdown leakage current <1uA

*Supply the working current of the controller to 100mA, the peak value should not exceed 300mA

*Operating temperature -20~70degree Celsius

*Storage temperature -30~80degree Celsius


*Color:Black    (As Pictures Show)

*Size:As Pictures Show

The color of the five-core waterproof cable is <red, blue, black, green and yellow>, and the line sequence is defined as follows:

1. Red: positive (battery power 24V/36V/48V);

2. Blue: the controller locks the wire;

3. Black: GND;

4. Green: RXD instrument input signal, the instrument receives signals from the controller;

5. Yellow: TXD instrument output signal, the instrument sends a signal to the controller,

Package Contents:

1*Display instrument






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electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle

electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle