72V26-56AH Li-on E-Bike Battery Pack for Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Bike Beach Cruiser


1, E-bike battery cell: Made Samsung 35E made of Samsung INR18650 35E Cell, Lithium Li-on 2900MAH and 3200MAH cell.
2, E-bike battery life: Samsung 35E battery Can charge and discharge over 2000 times; Lithium Li-on 2900MAH and 3200MAH battery can charge and discharge over 1500 times;
3, Charger: 72V 5A Universal Input from 100-240V AC 50 or 60Hz, Output Voltage = 84V DC, Charging Current = 5Amp, Charging Time = 10 Hours.
4, Size: 72V26.1Ah 2900mAh Li-on battery: 320 x 120 x 137mm; 72V32Ah 3200mAh Li-on battery: 320 x 140 x 137mm. The other three battery, the shape is not regular, please refer to E-bike battery size chart;
5, Motor work with:3000W-12000W motor & stealth bomber electric mountain bike and beach cruiser.
6, Flexible style battery, can made your OEM size if you have special request. Contact us for confirmation the size after purchase
7, High power, big capacity, which is specially made for stealth Bomber bike.

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