72V12000W 26″ x4.0 Fat Wheel Stealth Bomber Electric Mountain Bike Ebike Beach Cruiser


1, 72V45Ah Panasonic Cell Battery or 72V51.2Ah 3200mAh Li-on Battery for option of different driving range.
2, Adjustable Seat, with Display, Pedal Assist & Kickstand
3, Torque: 90N./M for rated torque and 170N./M for Max torque. Very powerful at climbing hills
4, The 12000W Stealth Bomber Ebike come with headlight, bike fender and Sabvoton 150A sine-wave programmable controller.
5, Among our stealth bomber bike models, 12000 watt is the newest stealth bomber e bike upgrades. It is the best stealth electric bike with very high speed and longer driving range.

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