48V52V72V19.2AH-28.8AH Triangle Shape Li-on E-bike battery package for 2000W Electric Bike Kit


1, The battery pack comes with the battery and the charger together.
2, E-bike battery cell: Made of Lithium Li-on 2500mAh, 4800mAh, LG4800mAh and LG3200mAh battery Cell.
3, E-bike battery life: For 2500mAh 4800mAh,can charge and discharge over 1000 times. For LG4800mAh, LG3200mAh Li-on Battery, can charge and discharge over 1500 times.
4, Size: 343 x232 x 364mm &63mm.
5, Motor work with: 1500W or 2000W motor.
6, Triangle Style. The battery case has an LED display to show the usage of the power. it also comes with an integrated USB port which allow you to charge your phone while riding.
7, Connector, we offer X60 and Anderson connector, please let us know which connector you need after your purchase.

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