48V52V18.2-32Ah Triangle Li-on E-bike Battery Pack for 1500-3000W Electric Bike Kit


1, E-bike battery cell: Made of Lithium Li-on 2600mAh, 2900mAh, 3200mAh and Samsung 35E Li-on battery Cell.
2, E-bike battery life: For 2600mAh, 2900mAh and 3200mAh Li-on battery, can charge and discharge over 1000 times. For Samsung 35E Li-on Battery, can charge and discharge over 2000 times.
3, Size: 48V18.2AH 2600Mah, 48V20.3AH 2900mAH, 48v22.4Ah 3200mAh(273*187*271.28mm); 48V23.4AH 2600mAh, 48V26.1Ah 2900mAh, 48V28.8Ah 3200mAh, 48V31.5Ah Samsung 35E (325*207*296.28mm); 52V23.4Ah 2600mAh, 52V26.1Ah 2900mAh, 52V28.8Ah 3200mAh (345x207x313.34mm)
4, Motor work with: 18.2AH-20.3Ah battery work with 1000W-1500W motor; 22.4Ah-26.1Ah battery can work with 2000w motor; 28AH-32AH can work with 3000W motor.
5, Triangle Style. A triangle battery bag and charger come with! Easy to install on the frame of the bike.

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