36V350W 12″ x 2.125 Wheel Electric Wheelchair attachment handcycle GEN2


1, The electric wheelchair handcycle can turn your everyday wheelchair into a fast, hill climb vehicle, made of stainless steel, The battery and mounting attachment can be easily detached from the wheel chair, the handlebars can be loosen and slide down for compact transportation;
2, Generation II 36V350W power wheel for wheelchair, 12″ x 2.125 Wheel, down tube type Lithium battery, Sealed Waterproof. Compare to Generation I, the Generation II Electric Handcycle has the following features
a, Rotatable Wheel
b, With Shifter to connect or disconnect the connecting arm to the wheelchair, Regarding how the shifter work, please check the video below.
c, Adjustable Stem
d, Fixed Brake Block
3, Double Disc brake, so it fits all the left-hand and right-hand users.
4, LCD display shows battery power level, time, speed, mileage, gear. Components error checking and report
5, KT brand smart Built-inside Controller

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