36V10-28.8AH E-bike battery pack Hailong for 36V250W-750W Electric Bike


1, E-bike battery types: made of domestic 2500, 2600, 4800 cell and Panasonic battery cell. fits 36V250-750W motor.
2, Connector, we offer X60 and Anderson connector, please let us know which connector you need after your purchase. Battery life: can charge and discharge over 1000 times; The battery pack package comes with battery and charger together.
3, Superior Quality & Safer Design. We have been in the battery industry for 10 year. bike battery pack’s quality is ensured by Insurance company. If there is any battery quality problem, our unique engineer will solve it. The battery has an LED display to show the usage power in time. The battery comes with a matching charger. When charging, please refer to the indicator light of the charger. When it turns into green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.
4, Convenient design The battery comes with safety locks and switches. The battery can be firmly fixed to the bicycle and prevent the battery from being lost. There is a switch on the battery, When you are not using the battery, can turn off the battery, which save power consumption. (When charging, please turn on the battery switch). Integrated USB charging port which allow you to charge your phone while riding.

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