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You Can Easily Converse Your Bike,Trike or Quad into Electric Version


Photo Gallery of Converted Bikes Provided by Riders Worldwide

The Best Quality DIY Electric Bike Conversion kit

1, Only Cassette BLDC Motor is Compatible with 8,9, 10 speed gear! Normal BLDC or Waterproof BLDC Motor are not! SO please don't select 8, 9, 10 speed gear when you choose Normal BLDC or Waterproof BLDC Motor!

2, 4.0 Fat Rim width is 80mm. 

You can configure your kit here:
Motor Type:
Rim Size:
Wheel Type:
Controller Type:
Speed Throttle:
Pedal Assist (For Europe):
Lithium Battery:
Band brake & Torque Arm:
Front light:
Brake lever:
Order Quantity:
Phone Number (*For Shipping):
Total Cost: Price:US$ + Freight:US$
*Phone number MUST be provided for shipping use! It takes 10-15 days to be delivered.

Notes for shipping to Russia: to Russia(which takes about 25 days for delivery),we ship it by railway. To Ukrain by air

e-Bike Conversion Kits:

  • The kit includes motorized wheel,motor controller,speed throttle, brake handle with power break lever, wire harness, Regarding the throttle, since one system cannot support 2 display, otherwise it will confuse the system and the system will make mistake, so if you ask for LCD or TFT display, we will send you the simple function thumb or twist throttle, not the throttle with display function. 

  • Sprocket: No sprocket with the front hub motor; For the rear hub motor, If you choose the speed gear, normally it comes with the 6 speed gear. If you need 7 speed gear or single speed gear, please specify us before shipment. 

  • Speed - 180W-1000W motor: 15-45km/h; 1200W motor-top speed about 50km/h.

    1500W motor: 610rpm, Top speed under empty load can be 70km/h, but there is no empty load when you are riding, so if a person with 70kgs weight, the top speed you can get is about 57-58km/h(about 35mile/h).  35N./M torque, good at climbing hills.

    2000W Motor: 680rpm, Top speed: 65km(40miles) per hour, 60N./M Max Torque, good at climbing hills

    3000W motor: maximum 50-55km/h for 48V3000W motor; 62-70km/h for 60V3000W motor; 72-80km/h for 72V3000 motor;  Rated Torque: 45N./M, Max Torque: 85N./M. The ability to climb the hill is powerful!

  • Suitable bike frame: 100mm front fork,or 135mm rear fork spacing; Normal 1200W & 1500W motor: 135mm; Cassette 1200W & 1500W Motor: 140mm; 2000W Motor: 145mm; 3000W motor: 150mm.  For the FAT RIM, 170MM Rear Fork(if the rear fork of bike is 190mm, our fat rim motor can fit too, but advise us this information after purchase) , 135MM Front Fork
  • Double wall rim special for e-bike
  • Motor Specifications: 83% efficiency, noise and vibration free, Hall sensor: optional, Certificate: CE EN15194
  • Measure of Wheel
  • 16" -- outer tire: 415mm dia.; rim: 325mm dia.; 18" -- outer tire: 465mm dia.; rim: 375mm dia.
  • 20" -- outer tire: 495mm dia.; rim: 410mm dia.; 24" -- outer tire: 600mm dia.; rim: 517mm dia.
  • 26" -- outer tire: 650mm dia.; rim: 573mm dia.; 700C -- outer tire: 690mm dia.; rim: 635mm dia.
  • 28" -- outer tire: 710mm dia.; rim: 650mm dia.

  • Regarding the tire, since we are the motor factory, most of our customers don't buy tire from us, so we have very few stock of tire, if you choose tire, the prepare time is longer. And for 3000W motor, we don't have tire for it!

  • Free Download: How to Determine Your Bike Rim Size, Spoke Length Calculation,  Front Hub Motor Drawing & Performance, Rear Hub Motor Drawing & Performance, Ebike Conversion Kit Install Guide, Ebike Conversion Kit Installation Guide with KT Brand controller


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    electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle

    electric bike kit, electric bicycle, hub motor, motor controller, e-bike battery, electric wheelchair, electric motorcycle