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Theebikemotor E Bike Frame bicycle Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric bike
Price:EUR 250.00
Item No:SR-001BF



Want to have a cool Stealth Bomber Electric Bike? Our bicycle frame can help you to assemble one!


Specification of the Frame

1, The Frame is designed for the assembly of electric bike from 1000W to 5000W, The casing is suitable for  battery packs size of 345 x 184 x 123 mm 

2, Frame Color: Black, White & Red for your option. 

3, The weight of the steel Frame: 23kgs.

4, Large Space for battery pack.

5, Comfortable to install electric bike kit. All Cable connections can be put inside the cover of the controller.

6, A lot of space for cable connections when converting assembly.

Assembling Instruction

1, The controller is attached to the cover of the controller.

2, The power cable and the motor feedback wheel clamps are attached by kapron swingarm. The plant is in the controller cover.

3, The battery casing: 345 x 184 x 123mm

4, For wiring of the rear and the front lighting frame, can go through the hole with a diameter of 20mm

5, The ignition switch has two positions.


General requirements for assembly

1, Max Speed of the electric bike: 65km/h

2, Max power of the motor: 5000W

3, Maximum weight of the bicycle (with equipment): 90kgs


Recommended components for assembly

1, The rear shock absorber: cycling, spacing of 210mm

2, Fork: Front diameter 1-1/8"

3, Motor kit from 1000W to 5000W motor rear wheel. And you can go to our website to choose the motor kit you like. We have 48V1000W kit, 48V1200W kit, 48V1500W kit & 3000W kit.

4, Battery casing: 345 x 184 x 123mm

5, Rim Size: 26" x 3.0" 

6, Seat Post size: 25.4mm diameter


Size of the battery Casing

 345 x 184 x 123 mm


Frame Equipment

1. Frame; 2. The steering bearings; 3. Castle inclusion; 4. Connector for the charger; 5. Support; 6. Cover of the controller; 7. swingarm and two bearings.

Frame Construction

1, Motor 1000W-5000W; 2, Replacement parts or motorcycle saddle; 3, The battery cover; 4, Cover of the controller, 5, charger connector; 6, Key inclusion; 7 Display


Basic view of the battery location




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